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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I do any of the workouts regardless of my age or fitness level?

Yes you can! Most of the exercises have variations and I will always encourage you to work at “your level” (what feels comfortable to you). However, I would always recommend starting with the first workout in a block or mini series, as the workload and intensity increases in each workout (either by increasing the duration or modifying the speed of each exercise). I would also recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting with any exercise programme.

Do I need any equipment for the workouts?

I recommend using an exercise mat for all of the workouts. And yes you will need a resistance band for those workouts and some dumbbells for the weights workouts (although bottles of water or tins of food will work just as well to begin with). The “no equipment” workouts and the Yoga Fusion workouts utilize your own bodyweight, so no equipment required for those (except for the mat).

Can I mix and match different workouts depending on the amount of time I have on different days?

Yes you can, but I highly recommend that you take the advice given in the question “How many workouts should I do each week and which ones?”

How many workouts should I do each week and which ones?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. It will depend upon your exercise goals, your previous (and current) exercise habits and the amount of time you have available to exercise.

When you sign up for both the FREE membership and the PAID membership, the welcome video and the “Well Fit Quiz” will help you to better understand where to start.

And if you´re still unsure you could book a Personal Training session and I will give you a personalised programme to ensure that you maximise your efforts and smash your goals.

What´s the difference between the FREE membership and the PAID membership?

The FREE membership is FREE OF CHARGE and is a LIFETIME membership, meaning that it never expires. It won´t cost you anything and requires no credit card to sign up, just a few details like your name and email address. With the FREE membership you get access to the Well Fit Quiz, which provides you with your personal exerciser profile and your Well Fit action plan. You also get access to regularly updated workouts and recipes.

The PAID membership costs $19.99 US (billed monthly). Your PAID membership will automatically renew unless you cancel it, which you can do any time before the payment due date. You can try it for FREE with our 7 DAY FREE TRIAL. With the PAID membership you get access to the Well Fit Quiz, which provides you with your personal exerciser profile and your Well Fit action plan. You also get access to ALL of the workouts and ALL of the recipes and diet advice, with new content added every week. You can also book Personal Training sessions with Stewart, to get a personalised programme and additional motivation and accountability to help you maximize results and smash your goals.

Get extra help with Personal Training

Live workouts on Zoom with individual teaching and mentoring.

Personalised programmes and workouts, specific to your personal needs.

Additional help with setting and attaining goals.

Maximize results with additional motivation and accountability.

Note: Personal Training is only available to Paid Members and incurs an additional charge. Contact us below or more information.

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