Wellness, me and Living Your Best Life

Watch the video below to learn more about the Well Fit programme, my ideas on wellness and what it means to be living your best life. Or you can read all about it underneath the video, if you prefer.


So, I think to begin with I need to talk a little bit about what exactly we mean by wellness? In its simplest form it can be defined as the state of being in good health, or feeling well. But for many others, myself included, it´s more than that, it´s the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis, to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you´re thriving.

By that I mean that you´re prosperous, flourishing and growing, , you might say, living your BEST life. A life that makes you happy and one that allows you to be at your full potential, being the best version of YOU that you can possibly be. And this is what I try to do, this is my passion and personal ethos and has been for the best part of my adult life, since I started working in the fitness industry and then was lucky enough to travel and see a good part of the world. Subsequently, working in education for 20 years has allowed me to develop my teaching skills. And with my own physical, mental and spiritual journey intertwined throughout, I have now arrived at a place where sharing my knowledge and ideas to assist others in achieving their wellness goals, feels like my raison d´être or life purpose. So let me support YOU, on YOUR wellness journey and help YOU to start living YOUR best life.

Now I realise that we´re all different and we´ve each got our own issues that may be holding us back and stopping us from reaching our fitness and wellness goals. And there´s definitely not a “one size fits all” remedy for optimal health. But there are definitely a few common problems and issues that the well Fit programme will help you to tackle.

Weight control

If, for example, you´re struggling to control your weight and you´re tired of restrictive dieting, then I can bet you´d love to be able to eat well and maintain your ideal weight, right? With a FREE membership of my Well Fit programme, you´ll get access to videos of exercises, workouts and recipes to help you get to and maintain your ideal weight, and so allowing you to achieve better health and wellness.

Because if being overweight is something that you´re experiencing, then you´re probably not eating well, which will be affecting your energy levels, your mood and your self-esteem. And if you don´t solve this problem, then you might well end up feeling depressed.

But by eating well (which to me means large quantities of the right stuff) you don´t have to spend hours in the gym and you can still achieve and maintain your ideal weight, whilst at the same time having more energy and feeling great.

Injuries and inactivity

Maybe you played a lot of sport when you were younger, but then injuries and age forced you to give it up and now you´ve drifted into a “less active lifestyle”. Or maybe your job means that you sit for long periods during the day. Do you suffer from tension in your neck and shoulders or lower back pain? If you´d like to feel a bit fitter and be more active without the gym, then I´ve got you covered. My workouts include exercise variations that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, combining all the essential elements of traditional fitness, like strength, cardio and core strength, with yoga and Pilates exercises for flexibility and mobility, which becomes all important as we get older and start to feel tenser and stiffer.  


If you´re finding it difficult coping with symptoms of the menopause or perimenopause, if you´d like to sleep better and improve your mood, then try my workouts and I´m sure you´ll feel better. You´ll also reduce the risk of bone loss caused by osteoporosis with loads of different types of weight bearing exercises.  Combine that with trying my healthy food recipes and you´re sure to combat the weight gain caused by slowed metabolism and changing cholesterol levels.

So whatever your situation, I´m confident that you can benefit from the well fit programme. So why not sign up for a FREE membership and start feeling the benefits today. And if you like it, then maybe you´ll want to sign up for the FREE 7 DAY TRIAL OF THE PAID MEMBERSHIP, which gives you access to all of the workouts, recipes and diet ideas, as well as the opportunity to book a personal strategy and training session, if you´d like my individual guidance on your wellness journey.

But whether we work together personally or not, I want to assure you that all of the content that I create is designed to help YOU to feel better. Both from my own personal experiences, and those of the people I´ve worked with over many years, I´ve learned that there are some key fundamentals that we need to have on this journey if we want to reach our goals, no matter what our situation. And for me, these fundamentals ARE, consistency, variety, effectiveness and evidence of results and an element of meaning and fun. Allow me to briefly explain each one.

Consistency – or in other words keeping going. Not just for a few weeks or months, but for years and ideally for all of our lives. Creating good habits and then sticking to them. And when we do get off track, as will happen for whatever reason, getting right back on it again and returning to the good habits once more. This is the most important and probably the most difficult element to maintain, but I will always encourage you and try to help you with this. Thankfully, maintaining consistency IS possible and is positively influenced by the other key fundamentals that you will always find on your Well Fit wellness journey.

Variety – With so many choices available to us nowadays, in just about everything, and with so many distracting influences vying for our ever decreasing attention spans, then it´s no surprise that we need to have variety to avoid boredom and maintain interest and motivation. And this applies in both our exercise activities as well as our diet. So that´s why you´ll always have a wide variety of options for both workouts and recipes. And this will only continue to grow, as new content will be always be added, week on week, month on month, year on year.

Effectiveness and evidence of results – Motivation comes and goes, fact. But when we have evidence of the effectiveness of what we´re doing and the results we are achieving, we not only feel motivated, but also are better equipped to make decisions about whether to continue with a particular course of action, or to pivot and change tack. So monitoring progress and keeping records is essential. Think personal bests, target waist or chest measurements (rather than target weight), before and after photos etc. When something works we stick with it and do more of it. And when it doesn´t we try something else until we find what does. Think of this whole process as being organic and dynamic, where you are in control and where actions can always be modified and tweaked based on the results they bring.

An element of meaning and fun – This one is fairly obvious I think. If something is fun, we´re much more likely to keep doing it. Which is why we always try to enjoy what we do here, no matter how hard we´re working. The meaning element can be multi-faceted, ranging from, our intrinsic motivations and the goals we hope to achieve, to the appreciation of the mind body connection and the direction of positive energy created through our actions towards other areas of our lives. We´ll be thinking about mindfulness and positivity in all that we do, from our breathing and posture, right the way through to our intentions and our feelings of gratitude in our thoughts and meditations. 

So with all that said, I hope you´re feeling excited about getting started and I hope you´ll soon be enjoying the benefits of the Well Fit wellness programme. Click on the link below and sign up for your FREE MEMBERSHIP now, or else get your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL OF THE PAID MEMBERSHIP. And let´s begin helping you to start living YOUR best life.

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