Why I chose to start an online business with the Six Figure Mentors.

It was the middle of June 2020 and I had a week of school left with my students. I was working in a private, bi-lingual school in the South of Spain. I was exhausted after 3 months of lockdown, during which we had been doing online classes 9-5, plus lesson/material planning and marking photos of work sent from students via email on a daily basis. I don´t think I´ve ever worked as hard as I did during those three months, it was utter madness! On the upside, the school, the students and parents were all very happy, as well they should have been, because under difficult circumstances we worked like dogs to keep our students engaged and learning. And I sensed that the future probably had more of the same in store. I knew I couldn´t continue, at least not without being miserable for the rest of my working days.

I love educating and helping others, but I knew I needed a change. Something that would excite and fulfil me, but also let ME fully experience the benefits of my hard work. I wanted something on MY terms, to be able to work from home and to start earning what I felt I was worth.

So I started searching for online business ideas. I had no idea what I was looking for exactly, but I sensed that there had to be something that could fulfil my requirements without me having to spend a massive amount of money to get started. And soon enough, as if by magic, or in reality, by the power of cookies and targeted advertising, I saw a video advert for the six figure mentors (SFM).

Who or what is the SFM? (Six Figure mentors)

In a nutshell SFM is an educational platform and community where you can learn the digital skills needed to start, pretty much any kind of, online business. Whether you want to learn how to start a business from scratch or how to become an affiliate marketer you will gain access to educational materials on every aspect of digital online marketing. And if you already have an “offline” business, you can learn how to take it online. It was started in 2010 by two entrepreneurs, Englishman Stuart Ross and Canadian Jay Kubassek, both of whom made fortunes in the area of online business before starting the company.

What do you get when you sign up?

You sign up to something called the mentors all-in package which begins with seven “getting started modules”. As the name suggests it´s designed for people with no previous experience in on-line business and the modules are very simple to follow, as you are walked through everything with instructional videos, presentations and reading materials.

The great thing here is that you learn the new skills at your own pace and when you need it, there is plenty of support from the dedicated SFM support staff and a community of people all doing the same as you. It’s a massive help to be surrounded by so many positive people.

During these modules you learn about how online marketing works, the wealth of different opportunities available to you and the skills needed to start an online business, regardless of your age, technical skills or previous education.

As you learn about websites and creating subscriber lists, you also get access to something called the Digital business lounge (DBL) tool suite, which provides you with all the tools you will need to build your own website. You then, if you decide to work as an affiliate for SFM, get to link your website with an SFM mini site, with specially designed pages to help you get customers.  You´ll also set up a professional email and auto-responder (Aweber), which you will use once you start to create a following and people subscribe to your list. And you use all of these great tools as you are walked through the process of setting everything up during instructional videos with co-founder Stuart Ross.

Once that is all up and running you then learn the different ways of driving traffic to your website through content creation or paid advertising, as well as the “science” of online marketing. Then finally at the end of the getting started modules you´ll learn about different marketing strategies and platforms before taking the plunge and launching your business.

The whole “getting started process” can be a steep learning curve at times, but it´s a fantastic journey. You acquire lots of new knowledge and skills, as well as growing as a person. But for me the best thing about the “getting started modules” is learning the SFM philosophy that Stuart Ross delivers throughout. A philosophy that you CAN build a business around something that you love and feel passionate about. And even more refreshing is his insistence that you market with integrity and give value to those you are trying to engage with. For me this was massive!

Oh, and that´s just the beginning. You´ve also got access to daily training webinars and over 6500 hours of LinkedIn learning courses. And then there´s the possibility of purchasing additional SFM products to go even deeper with your skill sets and mastermind with experts who´ve been there, done it and want to help you do it too.

What was I scared of?

So before I actually took the plunge and paid 99 dollars to sign up with SFM I had all sorts of doubts and fears. I mean who wouldn’t? My biggest fear was getting ripped off or scammed. Nobody wants to lose money right? So initially I was reassured by the 30 day money back guarantee, although in the end it wasn´t an issue as I didn´t need it. I was also worried that paying an additional 97 dollars a month after that was money that I couldn´t really afford. But I quickly realised that this was an investment in me so that I could learn the skills to be able to create a better future for me and my loved ones. I´m still paying 97 dollars every month and I´m happy to do so, such is the value I feel I´m getting for my money. And the returns on this investment mean that it pays for itself many times over, so it´s money well spent.

I was worried that I wouldn´t have enough time and that it would take too long to set up. Well it does require time and effort, especially in the beginning, but starting any business requires work and effort. Make no mistakes, you are learning how to start a business here, not setting up a “get rich quick system” and then watching the money roll in. Your business will become automated after a time and you will create “passive income streams”, but these must be set up first and this takes time. But most people start their business whilst still working another job, so rest assured that it can be done.

Another thing that scared me was the fear of the unknown. I didn´t know anything about it and was I even capable of doing it, at my age? I needn´t have worried. The whole set-up is designed with “everyday people” in mind and whilst there´s a lot to learn at first, if you´re dedicated and determined to succeed you will flourish in this positive environment. We grow as human beings when we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and this is how we become successful. Fortune favours the brave and we can all be brave when we want to be.

What have I gained by doing it?

Well first of all I’ve learned a whole new skill set as I’ve got to grips with website building, online marketing strategies, blog and YouTube content creation. I’ve also learned about the different business models available to online entrepreneurs and started my own affiliate marketing business.

I’ve started my own YouTube channel and I feel like I’ve found my life purpose at last, creating videos about things that I love, that I feel can help others who are thinking of getting started themselves with an online business and living their best lives, just like me.

I’ve finally managed to get away from the drudgery and grind of the daily commute and the 9-5. My mood is no longer dependent on which day of the week it is (from miserable Monday to fantastic Friday). I wake up every morning excited about the day ahead because I´m doing something I love. And once you enter the online business world you realise that there are so many different ways to help others and contribute to making the world a better place, whilst simultaneously making an excellent living. It´s a win, win situation! I no longer have to sell my time for money and my business has the ability to make money passively, even whilst I´m sleeping (the beauty of marketing to a worldwide audience). This allows me more time to spend with the people I love, something that I cannot put a price on.

I also have geographical freedom should I want it. I currently work from home (which I love) but I know that I could now work from anywhere with an internet connection if I wanted to travel. So all in all, for me this whole experience has been life changing.

Closing thoughts

Yes it´s going to take an investment of time, money and hard work to get started, but then so does any new business venture. The beauty of this one however, is that once you get set up and find what works, you simply “rinse and repeat”. With over 4 billion internet users and a vast array of online business opportunities, once you learn how to reach people who are interested in what you have to offer, anyone can build a following, add value and become successful. And you don´t need to be an expert. Just by being willing to share your insights about your passions can be of benefit to someone else and be profitable to you in your business.

If you´d like to learn more about how to do this just click here and remember, you only get one life, so why not spend it doing something you love because it IS possible and ANYONE can do it, even YOU.

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