Six figure mentors review – is it a scam and is it worth the money? (honest assessment)

Have you ever thought about having an online business, but not known where to start or who you can trust? With so much information and so many online scams it can seem overwhelming and not worth the risk. 

Well I was in this exact same position a few months ago when I came across something called the six figure mentors or SFM, an online digital education platform and community that provides you with the skills and tools needed to start your own online business.

After careful consideration I finally decided to give it a go and I´d like to share with you what I´ve experienced, as in this blog post and related video I give you a six figure mentors review and my honest and no-nonsense opinion of exactly what I´ve earned, learned and spent during the 5 months since I joined.

I´ll also give you truthful answers to the questions, is it a scam and is it worth it?

So let´s answer the most important question first of all for anyone who is, understandably, sceptical about anything related to making money online…… it a scam? Simple answer….categorically and emphatically no!

For 97 dollars a month you get something called the mentors all in package, in which you receive a step by step beginners guide education on how to start an online affiliate marketing business, plus all of these extra courses on related topics such as market research, online advertising, ecommerce, Aweber, Adwords, WordPress and web design.

Oh and then there´s the thousands of hours of linkedin learning courses which are also available for you to access as you wish.So definitely not a scam, but certainly a place where you can learn a lot.

Now let´s cut to the chase and tell you how much I´ve earned. Well after 5 months of intense learning, thinking and doing I´ve earned a grand total of….……Zero dollars, no pounds, zero euros, ní un duro. In other words nada, zilch or bugger all.

So from this we can clearly deduce that SFM is not a “get rich quick scheme”. But then I haven´t actually tried to make any money yet. This week marks the launch of my website, You tube channel and affiliate marketing business called Living your best life 101. I look forward to posting a follow up video to this one when I earn my first ever dollar online. I just hope that will happen sooner rather than later.

So let´s dig a little bit deeper into what I´ve been doing for the last 5 months shall we and find out exactly what I´ve learned from being an SFM member. You begin with the 7 getting started modules that you work through at your own pace, mainly watching videos, reading and completing a few worksheets and activities along the way.

In module 1 you meet one of the SFM founders Stuart Ross and start with an introduction to online selling and advertising, and how to use keywords on search engines to target customers who are actually searching for your products. You also learn about the different types of websites.

Next was building an email list of subscribers that you can educate and inform about the things you´re passionate about to help build the relationship that will lead to them trusting you and eventually buying from you.

And finally you learn about products, promotions and how sales funnels work.

In module 2, which is really quite long you are introduced to lots of personal development and mind-set ideas and materials. Not very “business like”, you might think but very interesting and relevant when you consider that you are your business as an entrepreneur.

Personally I really enjoyed this part as it recommends some resources that I was already aware of, like the Wayne Dyer´s “the shift” and Rhonda Byrnes´ the Secret, which explain the law of attraction, finding your life purpose and the importance of gratitude, amongst other things.

You meet SFM co-founder Jay Kubasek and create a digital lifestyle blueprint, to determine where you´re currently at in your life, reviewing your finances and circle of influence, and then devise a plan as to where you want to go, both in your life and in your business.

You also get to meet the influential Justin Woolf on a very long new member orientation workshop, where you are introduced to the Digital experts´ academy, which is the suite of higher value training and mentoring products offered by SFM.

You also get a live phone call with your designated system consultant. This is a talk about your ideas for your business. If they think upgrading your membership to a higher level product is right for you then they can help you with this decision, but there was no hard selling, as I´ve read in some other reviews. I said no and there was no problem.

In the final part of module 2 there´s a strong emphasis on self-organisation, productivity and finding a state of flow, which is very helpful and useful. So module 2 is long but very insightful and important.

In module 3 you focus once more on the importance of adding value and creating relationships with your audience. Something really cool here is the idea of being able to create and share content about things you’re really interested in or passionate about and how you can create a following and an email list of subscribers that will come to trust you and buy the products that you promote.

You also acquire knowledge on how to create affiliate links if you want to promote SFM products and also the other affiliate programs and networks that are available if you want to promote other products.

In this module you will learn a lot about the world of affiliate marketing in general and this is very interesting and eye opening, especially if you´re a beginner, like me.

You will also receive training about the pros and cons of being an affiliate for Amazon, as well as cost per action affiliate networks, print on demand and other income streams.

Module 4 is where you really start doing and begin building your own website using something called digital business lounge. Before that you’re walked through the process of choosing and buying a domain name to host your website. This brings with it an extra cost of around 12-15 US dollars for a year.

Then you learn how to start creating your own Word press website with a tool called DBL site builder. This tool makes building your website very simple (once you play around with it a bit and get used to it).

You are walked through the basic skills of inserting blocks for images and text as well as a useful section about branding, logo creation and how to choose fonts and colours. You´ll also set up a professional email using G-suite which is another 5 dollar a month expense.

In module 5 you learn how to integrate what´s called SFMs mini site into your own website with a Word press plug-in called simple lead capture. This allows you to seamlessly direct potential customers  from your website to various additional pages that explain more about how SFM works and provides the opportunity to sign up for their free introductory videos.

Then you set up an email marketing auto-responder account with a company called Aweber (which is free to begin with but will later cost you around 19 dollars a month once you have more than 500 subscribers).

After that you will learn how to set up a thank you page which thanks and welcomes anyone who opts in to your email subscriber list, as well as different landing pages for leads that come from different platforms.

You´re also walked through the slightly boring, but important process of adding various disclaimers to the pages of your website. Finally you learn about tracking and how to monitor which parts of your website are most effective in creating leads. Interesting stuff, even if you don´t want to be an affiliate for SFM.

Module 6 is all about planning your promotions and you learn a lot about how to market to something called your customer avatar. This is the individual who you are trying to help with your marketing. So you create a profile of who this person is, what they do, what are their fears, what their problem is, what they need and how you can help them.

This module is very interesting and you receive some really useful and important training on just how vital it is to understand your customer in order for them to realise that the solution that you are offering can help them solve the their problem. Excellent, easy to understand marketing theory for newbies like myself.

Finally in module 7 you take your first steps on the path to creating content that is going to add value and help your customer avatar, like blog posts and videos.

You learn about SEO or search engine optimisation and learn about the different types of marketing, namely organic, or free marketing versus paid advertising strategies that you can undertake to get started with your business.

You receive training on how to choose the correct marketing platform for you and why email marketing is still such a powerful tool. And by the end of this module you´ll be ready to jump in and get started.

So there you have it, a six figure mentors review and a brief insight into what you´ll get if you decide to sign up for the mentors all in package. So, the burning question………is it worth it or is it good value for money?

Well let´s look closer at how much money I´ve spent so far before giving you the verdict.  At a cost of 97 dollars a month for 5 months, plus around 15 dollars a year on the domain name and hosting, plus 5 bucks a month for Gsuite, this is almost 525 US dollars, 407 pounds sterling, 727 Australian dollars or 444 Euros.

Do I feel like that is value for money for what I´ve got out of it? Simple answer is, absolutely, 100% yes!. Will I continue paying 97 dollars a month for my SFM membership? Well again my answer is absolutely unequivocally yes.

So, closing thoughts for this six figure mentors review. If you are an absolute beginner as I was, who wants to start an online business but have no idea where to start, then I absolutely recommend joining SFM.

In a relatively short space of time and after spending a very reasonable amount of money, I have been able to go from knowing nothing about online business to being able to build my own website and start my own affiliate marketing business and You Tube channel.

I´ve already learned loads and I feel that I´m going to learn so much more and ultimately become successful in my business thanks to the skills and training provided by the Six figure mentors.

And they are not, as some reviewers suggest just trying to get you to be salesman for their products. Lots of people become an affiliate for SFM mainly because it´s an easy place to start if you´re new to the online business world and because you can make money from it.

But one of the Six figure mentors major principles taught throughout the getting started modules is to constantly strive to provide value for your customers in an area that interests you and you feel passionate about. So that´s why my business aims to provide value in the health and wellness market as well as in the niche of starting an online business.

Something else you probably won´t hear about in other six figure mentor reviews is the amazing support that you get from all of the staff and the vast community of like-minded members who are all on the same journey as you. There’s a whole lotta love in the six figure mentors community and you feel it whenever you connect to this community.

It´s a very genuine and supportive environment where everyone is really positive and wants to help and inspire each other and celebrate their successes together. For me this is really important and I must say also refreshingly different.

So remember if you´d like to know more about starting an online business with the six figure mentors then check out my previous blog posts “Why I started an online business with the six figure mentors” and “My 5 month journey with SFM – learning and launching an online business”.

If you´ve got any questions about the six figure mentors, then drop them in the comments section below and I´d be happy to answer them.

If you´d like more simple tips for better health, wealth and happiness then why not subscribe to the You tube channel and click on the bell if you´d like to receive alerts when I post new videos.

But for now thanks for reading or watching and see you next time.

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