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Morning routine (7 steps to a successful day)

“Win the first hour and you win the day.”

This is a phrase I’ve heard a lot lately and one that I’m trying to live by. Well in this blog post and related video I’m going to tell you the seven things I do with my morning routine to guarantee that I have a successful day.

So, win in the first hour in order to win the day. What’s that all about? Well if you’ve ever researched successful people or high achievers you’ll find that they generally have a defined morning routine that they do every day without fail.

Now this morning routine might consist of different things for different people, but one thing they have in common is that they are consistent with that routine.

So here are the seven things that I do, that not only guarantee that I start the day well, but I also generally have a productive day and make the most of it.

The first thing I do when I wake up on a morning is to grab my notebook which is always at the side of my bed, I open that up and I start reading. I’ve prepared something which I’ve written down, which helps me to develop, what I believe is the right mind-set to start the day.

I read this to remind myself of what I want to get out of the day and the kind of attitude I want to have throughout the day and the kind of person I want to be.

It might seem strange that I need to remind myself of what kind of person I want to be, but just reading these things really helps me to get into the right frame of mind and start the day in a good way.

So part of this reading is a gratitude list, where I’ve written down a list of things that I’m thankful for. These are lots of things, ranging from the people who are part of my life, my family and my friends, to my health, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.

It can also be possessions, or it can be situations. I’ve actually made a video about this which I’ll put a link to, somewhere below and you could watch/read that as well if you wanted to get started with one of those.

I also have some things written down about the things that I want to get out of my day and the kind of person I want to be in general, to be the best kind of person that I can be.

And I also have something written down to help me to remember to accept everything that’s going to happen in the day. Obviously I’m hoping and planning to have a really successful day, but things don’t always go the way that we want them to and that’s just to remind me that things aren’t happening to deliberately wind me up.

You know, these things happen and to try to see the lesson in that and get over it and maybe move on to something else if I need to.

After that the second thing I do is to write down any of my dreams that I can remember. I’ve seen lots of videos and read lots of articles about the importance of dreams and trying to remember them, because there are lots of things that apparently can come to us in dreams which can be really helpful in moving us forward in our lives.

Einstein, for example, was said to have come up with lots of his theories whilst he was in a dream-like state. So I think there’s a lot to be said for trying to remember and learning about things that you dream about.

Obviously not everything you dream about can be helpful in your life, but I think it is worth paying attention to these things, so I try and do that on a morning as well.

Next, I read another list, which is a list of my goals. I’ve got two lists of goals, I have some short-term goals, which I set out at the beginning of each month, and then I also have a list of long-term goals, which are things that I’d like to achieve by the end of the year.

So what I try to do is to put each goal as an actionable step towards achieving a goal. It’s not actually a concrete goal, but it’s taking action every day towards achieving that particular goal. For example, to achieve the goal of having six pack abs I will do 100 crunches every day.

And so I read those to myself, and this is something that I also do before I go to bed at night too.

And the final thing I do before I actually get out of bed is meditate for 10 minutes. I actually use my sounds meditation, which you can also find linked below. I find that a really easy meditation to do and it really gets me ready for the rest of the day and it gets me feeling calm and positive.

The fifth thing I do is actually get my backside out of bed. I do spend about half an hour doing all of those previous things so maybe if you wanted to follow this kind of routine you might have to wake up a little bit earlier than you would normally.

But this is the beauty of being an entrepreneur and working at home, I can allow myself the time to do these things and I really do find that it works for me.

So I get out of bed, put on my exercise clothes and I do 10 to 15 minutes of intense exercise. Obviously I warm up properly first, but I make sure that I’m working hard, what you might call a HIIT session, (high intensity interval training), for at least 10 minutes, to really get my body into the fat burning zone.

And also by getting your body moving you’re helping to get that connection going between your mind and your body so that your brain is a little bit more in gear as well.

For me personally the buzz that I get after doing exercise, especially if it’s quite intense, is just perfect for setting me up for the day. It really gets my mind in gear and it also makes me feel good, physically, mentally and emotionally.

After I’ve exercised and done a little bit of a cool down and some stretching it’s into the shower. Now this may be a bit of a controversial one, but I like to have a hot and cold shower, alternating 30 seconds of cold water with 20 seconds of hot.

The idea behind this is that brown fat cells actually generate heat by burning fat when they are exposed to cold temperatures such as those you would get in a cold shower. So this is another way of getting your body into a fat burning state and it also leaves you wide awake by the time you´ve finished.

And finally after I´ve showered and got myself dressed, the final thing I do before I start working, (number seven on my list) is to have a healthy breakfast, usually a healthy smoothie.

Again I´ve linked one of my smoothie recipes below, if you´d like to check it out and I highly recommend these because they’re a great way to start the day due to the amount of nutrition that you’re going to get in one of these smoothies. And of course they keep me filled up for a good few hours, until elevenses or even heading towards lunchtime.

So there you have it, the seven things that I do every morning, to guarantee that I start the day in a positive and energized way and this usually ensures that I have a successful day and I’m able to work all day long and still feel great at the end of it.

So why not try this out, or something similar and try to find out the things that work for you? I have done variations of this particular routine, with slightly different things in a different order, but I´ve found that the way I do it now works best for me,

I’d love to hear from you to find out what you think about this morning routine, as well as the things that you do as part of your morning routine.

Now, as I mentioned before, this morning routine does take me quite a long time, but of course you could easily reduce the amount of time that spend on each of the steps to get it to a duration that works best for you. For example, you could have a shorter meditation, a shorter exercise session, or you might need to make the smoothie the night before.

But I highly recommend trying to find a good morning routine that does all the things that you think are important for your mind, your body and your spirit. And that you get those done before you start working, thinking about yourself and taking care of yourself before you start thinking about work.

And one of the most important things that I must mention is that during this precious “you” time try not to pick up your phone. One of the things that is repeatedly quoted by successful people is that they make a point of not picking up their phone in the first hour of the day.

Therefore they’re not distracted by social media, they’re not distracted by other people vying for their attention.

Now obviously if you’re a parent, then maintaining a morning routine like this is much more complicated. This is where getting up early and doing your routine before the little ones get up is really important.

So I hope you found this blog post and video useful and maybe learned a few tricks and ideas that you might want to put into your own morning ritual to help you start the day the right way.


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