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Meditation for beginners (meditate with sounds to feel calm and focussed in ten minutes)

In this video I share with you a very simple meditation that will leave you feeling calm and centred in ten minutes.

It is especially for beginners or anyone who has tried meditating and found it difficult.

I begin by explaining that I find this meditation very easy (after trying more traditional styles of meditation and finding it difficult to “control” my “busy” mind).

I find that this beginners´ meditation leaves me feeling calm and relaxed but also focussed and centred. 

I provide some articles for further reading, if you would like to know more about sound and music therapy.

Links to articles about sound and music therapy:

I then invite you to find a comfortable position and start breathing deeply as I give instructions as to how to follow along with the meditation (breathing out and repeating each sound and then breathing in during the silences in between).

I then guide you through each of the seven sounds to be made, repeating each one three times.

Afterwards I ask you to record a one word comment (in the comments section) to tell me how you feel.

And I finish by thanking you for taking part in this beginners´meditation, hoping that you have enjoyed the video, and if so ask you to like it, share it and subscribe to the channel.

I hope you will watch and it will have you feeling great.

Until next time, bye for now.

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