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How to start an affiliate marketing business (Follow these 5 simple steps to get started today)

So you want to start an online affiliate marketing business but you don’t really know where to start right?

Affiliate marketing is a great option for an online business as it requires little or no money to start and you can easily get going in your spare time, fitting it in around your current job or studies. And the industry is currently worth a whopping 12 billion dollars and growing by 10 % every year.

So let’s dive in and show you how following these 5 easy steps YOU can get started today.

But very quickly for those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is when you promote products or services either on your YouTube channel, podcast, blog or social media and when someone clicks on your affiliate link and then buys that product you get a commission.

So with that said how exactly do you get started?

Well first of all, if you want to do this seriously, with integrity and in a way that can grow and last as a business, then I recommend that you start by thinking about what you love and what you´re passionate about and using that as the niche for your business.

What is it that YOU do that you want to share with the world? And what can you do to help others in this area?

Remember that you don’t have to have a PhD in it, but it should be something that you’ve at least been interested in for a few years, something that you´ve studied or practiced a fair bit.

It might be related to your current job or it might be something completely different, like a hobby.

But whatever it is, I strongly advise that as soon as you feel certain that you know what it is, start creating content on the subject, if you haven´t already.

Which brings us onto step number 2, create some content that adds value to your chosen area of interest.

The idea here is to create content that someone with a similar interest would find useful, helpful, or entertaining. We´ll go deeper on this a bit later.

But honestly the most important thing right now is to just get some content created and posted.

If you’re good at public speaking or feel comfortable in front of a camera, then you could start making videos and create your own YouTube channel.

Maybe you´re good at talking but a bit camera shy, in which case start recording yourself talking and create podcasts.

If neither of these appeal to you then maybe you’re a good writer, in which case start a blog. I´ve included some links in the description box below of some great options for your blog or podcast if you need some help getting started.

If you already have ideas for content then my advice is to just get on with them and don´t worry too much about whether they´re suitable or good enough. Right now the most important thing is to get started.  So write it or record it, edit it and get it posted!

Try not to procrastinate and try not to be scared, just get something out there as soon as you can.

Only by doing this will you get over the perfectly natural fear of putting yourself out there for the first time.

And then try to develop the habit of doing it on a regular basis, I’d say once a week at least should be a good place to start.

Also, by having a few posts, casts or videos under your belt before you start promoting products will give you more credibility.

People will see that you’re not just posting links trying to sell things, but that you´re genuinely trying to add knowledge or value on your chosen topic, which of course you are.

Step number three is the next and natural progression from your first “getting it out there” posts and that´s to start creating “useful or value filled content”.

By this I mean that you should start to have a definite thought process to your content creation so that you start creating content that is useful and serves a purpose for your audience.

Think about how you can help others with your content.

Think about the subject matter, your hobby or your passion and think about the problems or issues that you faced when you were just getting started with it.

Maybe you were overweight and managed to get to your ideal weight using a combination of healthy eating and exercise? Exactly how did you do it?

You might not be an expert, but you CAN help others by sharing your experiences and knowledge of what worked for you. There will always be someone at least one step behind you who can learn and benefit from your knowledge and experience.

The key here is to ensure that you are providing the solution to a problem that plenty of people are looking for the answer to. Ideally we want to create content that´s going to serve a large audience.

And you can do this by doing some research before you start creating your content, using Google and YouTube searches to find out what search terms are popular in this subject area.

And by using software like Tube buddy or Vid IQ you can find out exactly how many people are entering particular search terms.

Then you create the appropriate content that more people are searching for and that´s going to help them solve their problem.

I´ve left some links again in the description box if you want to check out these two really useful services to help with your content creation ideas.

Step number four is to think about the products you have used that helped you to solve the problem and check to see if they have an affiliate programme.

Simply search for the product name and add the words affiliate programme onto the end. Some products have their own affiliate programmes whilst others are part of affiliate networks.

Commissions will vary between products and Networks, so it´s well worth doing your research first. Amazon associates for example, offers a fairly low 10%, so a lot will depend on the products you decide to promote and how many of them you help to sell.

Then you simply sign up with the programme or network and then once you´ve been accepted, generate an affiliate link for the product you want to promote and you´re ready to go.

In step number 5 you create your content, in which you promote the product in question and then include your affiliate link for people to click on.

For example, maybe, during your research you find that there are lots of people searching for tutorials on how to make YouTube thumbnails and you know of a great software that you use to make yours.

So then you could make a tutorial video on how to make a YouTube thumbnail using that particular software, during which you show how easy it is to use and recommend it to your viewers.

Then you simply put your affiliate link in the description box below the video and every time someone clicks on that link and subscribes to the software you earn a commission.

Of course it works in the same way with blog posts, podcasts and anywhere else you put your affiliate link, like on your social media.

Let´s say, for example you started a blog about dogs. You might decide to write a review about the pros and cons of the leading brands of dog food for Spaniels.

You would sign up to the networks that affiliate all of those products and then you get a commission regardless of which product they choose after reading your post, providing they click on your affiliate link, which they will. So its win, win.

And there you have it – you are now officially in the Affiliate marketing business.

All you need to do now is to get as many eyes on your content as possible, since the more people that see it the more clicks you’ll get on the affiliate link and the more chances you have of earning a commission.

This is where a good education in online marketing comes in, learning how to market to your ideal customer using both organic and paid advertising methods.

So if you’d like to learn more about all of this as well as much more in-depth training on digital marketing then I recommend you click on the link here that says “sign up for free digital marketing training”.

By doing that you’ll get access to a free video series that will be an absolute game changer in helping you start YOUR online business.

Under this article you can also find affiliate links to all the products that I’ve mentioned here, my social media pages and YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to if you’d like weekly videos with more simple tips for better health, wealth and happiness. It´s completely free and you´ll be helping me out too. Oh and don´t forget to hit the bell so you get notified of new videos.

And if you’ve got some value from this blog post leave me a comment and share it with someone you think would appreciate it. Again all of these things are a big help to me and I´d love to hear from you as well.

But for now, thanks for reading, good luck getting started in affiliate marketing and I’ll see you in the next one.


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