How to make a Christmas tree from sticks and branches.

Are you tired of the same old artificial Christmas tree, year in year out?

Or maybe you’re fed up of paying good money for a real Christmas tree only to throw it in the bin come January?

Well if that’s the case and you’d like something fresh and new this year then keep reading or watch the embedded video where I’m going to be showing you how to make a Christmas tree out of a few simple materials and some sticks you could find in a wood or a nearby park.

So the first thing we are going to need is a plastic bag or a bucket and a couple of volunteers to help us look for some sticks. Once you´ve been and done that you´re probably going to find that most of these sticks have got some little branches sticking off that will need removing so get a saw or an axe and get busy removing them.

So once we’ve got our branches with the sharp edges removed the next job is to take the bark off. Some of it will come off with your hands, but if it doesn’t come off with your hands you´ll need to get a knife and just cut it off so that you make your branches look nice and smooth and ready for rubbing down with some sandpaper.

Now we’ve got our sticks/branches lovely and smooth, ready to be drilled so we can put them onto the rod which is going to act as the trunk of the tree.

So what we need to do is find the middle point, the balance point of each stick.

Once we’ve done that, that is where we are going to drill the hole, which is the same diameter as this metal rod.

This metal rod has a screw thread on it so that we can later put a nut on the end and we can attach another rod if we need to.

After we’ve drilled theholes in our branches now what we need to do is get another branch that we are not going to use and we’re going to cut little bits off of this branch and then we’re going to drill a hole in the middle of those.

And they are going to act to look like the trunk of the tree in between some of the branches to make it look a bit more tree-like.

Now we need a bit of a tree trunk here which is going to act as the base of our tree so we´re going to drill a hole in the centre, the same as the holes we’ve drilled in the branches so that we can then put our metal rod into that and fix our branches to it.

Something really important here is to make sure we drill down into this base as far as we can go, so get the drill as long as you can and make sure you get it drilled as far down as it will go. THen fix the rod into the base.

And now when we are putting our branches on we need to make sure that we have the heaviest ones, even if they’re not the longest in every case, the heaviest ones at the base so we keep it nice and steady.

So we’re just about ready to assemble the tree now. In preparation for that we’re going to lay out the branches on the floor, so the longest ones are at the bottom and gradually going up in to the smallest ones at the top.

Now what we can do is start putting on our little bits of “trunk” and then start assembling the branches on top.

And there you have it. A beautiful and original Christmas tree design made out of natural materials. You won’t find one like that in the shops.

So all that remains now is to get the family in and get it decorated. Oh and of course put on a bit of Christmas music. Maybe a glass of something nice as well.

Why not leave me a comment below and let me know which is your favourite kind of Christmas tree and why?

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But for now all that remains to be said is thanks very much for reading and/or watching.

Have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year. Cheers and bye for now.

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