How to live your best life – simple tips for better health, wealth and happiness.

Have you ever wondered what it would actually be like to follow your dreams and really have a go at living your best life? Then read on because I am about to share with you how I´m doing it.

Hello and welcome to living your best life 101, a brand new You tube channel, website and online business designed to help you live your best life by sharing simple tips for better health, wealth and happiness.

My name´s Stewart, I´m an Englishman, originally from Leeds in Yorkshire, now living in the south of Spain where I´ve worked as a school teacher for the last 17 years. But recently, after 3 months of confinement due to the Covid 19 situation I realised that I´d like to try working from home and start an online business, despite having no entrepreneurial experience and very little online presence.

Back in June, shortly before finishing school for the summer I started looking for online business opportunities and found SFM or the six figure mentors. A company that helps normal people, like you and me to learn the necessary skills to start an online business related to things they love doing. I´ve made a video about the whole experience so far and you can find the link below if you´d like to know more about it.

So after learning more about online business I decided to take a year off work to dedicate all my efforts to this endeavour. And so here I am writing blog posts and making you tube videos to launch the business, the channel and the website!

So what´s it all about? Well, it´s basically an online business where I will be aiming to help people to live their best lives by sharing simple tips for better health, wealth and happiness. Because, as I explain on the home page of the website, I reckon that if you’ve got those three things covered then you must be living a pretty amazing life, agreed?

Now I’m not claiming to be an expert in anything, but I will be giving you my insights into what has worked for me as I embark on a brand new chapter in my life, starting an online business and trying to live my best life.

For the launch of the business, and only during this special first week so that you can get a taste of what´s to come, as well as this blog post and the related video I will also be sharing a a blog post and video about health, one about wealth and one about happiness.

And then from next week onwards I will be publishing one blog post and one video every week alternating between simple tips for better health, wealth and then happiness. So whether you’re thinking of becoming a digital entrepreneur or not, I hope that my posts and videos will inspire you to try to live your best life.

In the health posts and videos I´ll be helping you to eat healthier and exercise a bit more. In the wealth posts and videos I´ll be teaching you skills that can help you make money online. And in the happiness tips I´ll be giving you advice on how you can enjoy and appreciate this wonderful thing called life.

I really hope you enjoy what you see in the videos. If you do then please hit the like button and consider subscribing to the channel, clicking on the bell to get an alert every time a new video is published.

I´d also love to hear from you in the comments section below, so tell me what kind of tips you´d like to see more of, whether it´s health, wealth or happiness tips.

So without further ado let´s get cracking shall we? In the next post and video I share with you my first wealth tip on how I started an online business as I give you an honest review of the six figure mentors. I hope to see you there. Bye for now.

Link to blog post: Six figure mentors review: Is it a scam and is it worth it? (honest assessment):

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