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Healthy smoothie recipe (Fat burning and anti-oxidants)

If you´re looking for a healthy smoothie recipe, filled with natural ingredients and anti-oxidants that´s going to help you burn fat as well then keep reading, or watch the attached video, as I´ll be showing you what´s in it and how to make it.

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So in this health tip blog post and video I´m going to share with you another healthy smoothie recipe, packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and all sorts of nutrients that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime and also have you burning fat with its green tea caffeine content.

So start by making a cup of green tea and leave this to cool down. Then we’re going to blend together (for about a minute) our usual base ingredients of oats, walnuts and a mixture of seeds, along with three quarters of a pint of water.  

Then we´re going to prepare the rest of the fruits and vegetables, starting by peeling and grating a large carrot and a medium sized sweet potato. Happy grating and careful with your fingers. Put that all on a plate and then peel and chop a medium orange too. 

Peel and chop a banana and remove the stone and the skin of half a large avocado or a whole one if it´s small. Finally chop the fresh ginger. 

Add all of these ingredients to the blender, along with the green tea and blend for about a minute. 

Pour and serve, and there you have it – an orange ish smoothie, superbly nutritious and tasty, great for burning fat and jam-packed with anti-oxidants. 

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