Healthy fat-burning smoothie recipe (delicious and nutritious)

Want a healthy and delicious fat burning smoothie recipe packed with all the nutrients you need to start the day with a buzz? Well in this blog post and video I´ll be telling you and showing you exactly what you need and how to make it, plus why it´s soooo good for you.

Ok today I´m going to show you how to make a healthy fat burning smoothie packed with vitamins, minerals, slow release carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats that will have your body thanking you all day long for being so good to it. And if that´s not enough it´s absolutely delicious as well.

So if you want to be healthy, as well as exercising regularly, eating the right things is essential. From personal experience I´ve found that even if I´m not always consistent in my exercise habits, which unfortunately I´m not, eating healthily not only keeps me lean but also full of energy and generally feeling on top form. I´m a firm believer in balance in my diet but I do try to eat as many natural plant based foods as possible and keep the sugar to a minimum. That´s the theory anyway!

So whether I have a shake like this for breakfast or around mid-morning for 11sies, I know that my body´s getting loads of healthy stuff that it needs, including a fat burning boost. And that it will keep me satisfied for a good 3 or 4 hours.

So what do you need to make it? Alright, so for me the base for any healthy smoothie, especially a green one, has to be some Spinach, whether it´s fresh or frozen, banana, avocado, some oats and some nuts and seeds. And for today´s delicious and nutritious smoothie to this I´m going to add some apple, fresh ginger, water and green tea to help with fat burning.

OK, now the quantities I´m using here will make enough for two smoothies, so I can freeze one for another day, but you could easily just reduce the quantities by half and it works just as well.

So first of all we need to make a cup of green tea and let that be cooling down. Now with your nuts and seeds you can soak these in your water overnight to soften them but it´s not essential.

So start by putting a pint of water into your blender and add a couple of dessert spoons each of oats, nuts and seeds.  The oats provide you with good slow releasing carbohydrates that are also full of fibre. And they´re also good for your good gut bacteria. I´m using natural unsalted cashew nuts here and a mixture of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and linseeds, but obviously you can use whatever you´ve got in at home. And now we need to get these blending straight away. Nuts and seeds are packed full of healthy fats and protein, not to mention and all sorts of minerals and anti-oxidants. And fibre as well.

Alright it´s time to add in the rest of the ingredients now.  So what we´ve got here is a nice ripe banana, a whole green apple with the skin still left on, a small thumb-sized piece of ginger. We´ve got half of a small ripe avocado and a good handful of fresh spinach. This is fresh spinach that´s been frozen.  So let´s get all that in with our now cooled down green tea and we´re going to let that blend for at least a minute. So let´s get everything in.

Apples and bananas are both great sources of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fibre, all of which have got various benefits for your health. These include a healthy heart and blood pressure, as well as good digestive health and thriving good gut bacteria. Avocado is another great source of healthy fats and fibre that our body needs, not to mention more vitamins, minerals and those really important antioxidants. Fresh ginger is one of my absolute favourite ingredients and it´s almost like a little medicine box it´s got that many health benefits. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and contains caffeine that, amongst other things, are gonna help you to burn more fat during exercise. And I´m sure that we all know that spinach is absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. It´s also high in fibre and low in calories.

So there it is. A super healthy green smoothie, packed with nutrients that will help you burn fat as well. Hmmmmm and its delicious as well.

If you go ahead and make the smoothie I´d love to hear your comments and feedback. Maybe you´ve got ideas of how I could tweak the recipe, or maybe you´d like me to make another smoothie with some of your favourite ingredients. If so leave your suggestions in the comments below. And if you´d like more health, wealth and happiness tips then why not subscribe to the Youtube channel and click on the bell to receive notifications of about  videos every week.

But for now, thanks for reading or watching and I´ll see you in the next video.

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