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So it´s that time of year again, the days are already longer and before we know it, the weather´s going to revert back to being “scorchio” for the next six months, here in Spain, at least. And once more we´ll be stripping off and getting into the water, in search of some respite from the searing heat. Don´t you just love it!

But as life starts to gradually return to the “new normal” and operación bikini is in full swing, how well have you managed to look after yourself? Because it hasn´t been easy keeping fit and motivated during this past year.

Well if you feel like you need some help getting back in shape and feeling healthier, but have no desire to set foot in a gym, then why not come along and try exercising outdoors and have some fun and get some fresh air whilst you get fit?

Starting in April you can try your first class for FREE as I invite you to come along and try one of my outdoor fitness classes designed to get you fitter, stronger and more mobile, whilst enjoying some fresh air in the great outdoors!

We will be working out in a variety of outdoor locations here in Chiclana, including the beach and a couple of the local woods and parks, performing full body workouts consisting of a combination of body weight resistance and aerobic exercises.

The resistance training, (using resistance bands or your body weight) will help to maintain muscle mass and bone density, which we all begin to lose as we get older. And it will also help you to burn fat and lose weight.

Aerobic or “cardio” exercises are instrumental in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of almost all of the major “killer diseases” such as Cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

So this is why you´ll get a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises in these outdoor sessions, that will not only have you feeling good and in great health, but also confident that you´re looking your best when the time comes to make a splash in your bikini or budgie smugglers.

Click on the video below to see the style of workout you can expect. But don´t worry if you think that you can´t do everything. I will be there to guide and motivate you, as well as to progressively adapt the exercises so that you make effective fitness gains.

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